X-Pole Xpert Pro Review
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Featuring a smooth retro look, and a small, sleek upper dome, the Xpert Pro is an excellent option for dancers who want a pole that will help them advance their skills. You’ll find it worthwhile whether you’re a pro dancer, dancing for fitness, or just dancing for fun.
It’s a two in one dance pole that doesn’t require any mounts or permanent fixtures. The portable dance pole is known for its exceptional stability as well.
If you’ve owned a couple of X-pole dance poles, you already know that the brand never disappoints. However, if this is your first dance pole or you’re thinking of checking out what X-pole has to offer, we’ve come up with this detailed review to help you with your decision making process.

X-Pole Xpert Pro Review

How Are Xpert Poles Different From Other Kinds of Poles?

Xpert poles are unique.
They have a solid metal part called an X-Joint, which holds the pole’s pieces together. The joint also makes the poles stronger compared to other models that have multiple pieces.
Xpert poles are also friction fit dance poles, so they use the pressure between the floor and the ceiling to hold themselves up.
Even though they are stable, you can increase their stability by replacing the dome with an Xpert ceiling mount. Adding the mount turns the Xpert poles into semi-permanent installations since you can screw them onto the ceiling.
You can also use them on most surfaces thanks to the articulated base/padding on their floor mounts. Their mounts also protect the floor and ceiling from damage.


What Makes the X-pert Pro Stand Out from Other Xpert poles?

….The X-LOCK mechanism.
Compared to previous versions, you won’t need a hex key to switch the Xpert Pro from static to spin mode. The mechanism makes it possible for dancers to conveniently switch back and forth between modes just by using their hands.
Who wouldn’t want the chance to switch modes mid-routine?
The X-pert Pro creates new choreography possibilities since users can try out different combinations that they couldn’t before.
The best thing about it is that its design allows users to upgrade the previous versions to the current version of the Xpert Pro. So you can still enjoy the same level of convenience even if you bought your XPERT pole some time back.

Other Xpert Pro Features


You won’t need screws, bolts, or any drilling to set it up. Some users find it heavy, but it’s quite easy to install. It comes with an extension that fits 7ft to 9ft ceilings, and you can get more extensions if your ceiling height is higher. Overall, the pole’s maximum ceiling height is about 11ft. You can also install it with a permanent mount like the Pole Home Mount or the Ball Mount. Remember to measure your ceiling height before making your order, so that you won’t get inconvenienced later on. To measure your ceiling height, you’ll need to:
  • Use a straight tape measure to get the height of your door frame.
  • You also need to get the height of the door frame to the ceiling.
  • Add the two measurements, and you’ll get the ceiling height. Add about two inches to the measurements if you have a carpet or underlay.
You won’t need a ladder when installing it since it has a bottom height adjustment feature. All you’ll need to do is set the bottom mount in place and secure the pole by extending the upper portions toward the ceiling.


You can get the Xpert Pro in silicon, titanium gold, chrome, stainless steel, powder coat, and brass finishes. The powder coat finish is available in pink, black, and white. While the silicone finish is available in pink and black.
  • The stainless steel and the chrome finish offer the same type of grip. However, stainless steel is best suited for sensitive skin.
  • Powder-coated finishes are great for sensitive skin as well. Although they’re not a good fit for beginners who are learning spins on static poles.
  • While the brass and silicon finishes offer maximum grip, silicone isn’t the best choice for spinning on static mode. You should consider getting the silicone finish if you’re more conservative and wish to dance with clothing.
  • The titanium gold finish looks almost similar to brass and provides a good grip.
  • Thickness

    You can get the pole in 40mm and 45mm diameters. But, you’ll only have the 45mm diameter option if you go for the silicon finish.

    How to Assemble the Xpert Pro

    Check the parts to ensure that they’re all there. Your kit should have, the upper dome, the X-Lock A-Pole, a 6mm/5mm hex key, the B-Pole, a 180mm X-joint, 200mm X-joint, 250mm X-joint, a top insert, and a 250mm extension.
    • Locate a girder, joist, or beam, and install the pole under a rigid ceiling point.
    • Join the A and B poles using the 200mm X-joint, and then tighten the screws.
    • Add the extensions while joining them with the remaining X-joints. Always use the 180mm X-joint to connect the 125mm extension.
    The kit also includes full instruction manuals and extremely detailed videos to help you with the assembly process. They are easy to understand, so you’ll be able to put it together in a short amount of time. Although you’re most likely going to spend less time assembling it once you get used it.
X lock features

The Pros and Cons of The Xpert Pro

  • Dancers can switch modes with just a flick of the wrist
  • The pole maintains its stability even as the extensions are added
  • It comes with a pole cover that hides the mechanisms. The cover not only keeps the mechanisms from getting exposed, but it also gives the pole a smooth look.
  • It can be retro-fitted to existing Xpert poles.
  • Users can also set it up on uneven floors thanks to its micro-articulating base.
  • It has a sturdy and well thought out joint system.
  • Users can get special mounts for vaulted ceilings.
  • It has a 300lbs weight limit.
  • Unlike other models, the Xpert Pro doesn’t come with a carry case. You’ll have to purchase it separately.
  • You’ll need to check the tightness of the screws regularly since they become loose after some time.
  • The chrome finish is a bit slippery when new.
X-Pole Xpert Pro Review


You can use the X-pole Xpert pro regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional. Even though the pole might seem pricy compared to other alternatives, it’s constructed using quality components, so it’s worth the investment. The pole will also help boost your performance with regular practice.

Where to buy the Xpert Pro

Make sure you buy your X-Pole Xpert Pro from a reputable retailer as there are a lot of fake X-Poles available.
To ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises I would recommend buying your Xpert Pro directly from X-Pole, you can purchase directly from their website or from another reputable retailer you can trust such as Amazon.

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