X-Pole X-Stage Lite Review
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What do you look for in a dance pole?

If you’re after smooth transitions and easy floor work, then you should invest in the X-Stage Lite dance pole. Produced by one of the most reputable pole companies in the world, you can trust that you’re going to get a solid and reliable piece of equipment that will help you progress your pole career.

You won’t have to worry about ceiling heights, cracks, or weakened joists. It’s a freestanding pole that you can install and remove whenever you want. The X-Stage Lite is designed for portability, stability, and safety during your performance.

What’s The Difference Between the X-Stage and the X-Stage Lite?

Even though the two poles have a lot of similar features, their overall stage heights are different.

The X-Stage has a 13-inch stage height, while the X-Stage Lite is 4 inches high. As a result, the X-Stage Lite has a usable pole height of 9’6”, while the X-Stage pole only has a usable height of about 8’10”.

The difference between the two models is also reflected in their weight and frame cases. Since the X-Stage weighs about 229 pounds, its case has three casters for better support. On the other hand, the Lite pole’s case only has two casters since it’s 20 pounds lighter.

So purchasing the X-Stage Lite will get you a lighter dance pole with more usable pole height.

What Else Makes it Stand Out From Other Poles?

It has static and spinning modes. So you can easily interchange the two functions depending on your skills. The X-Stage Lite offers great momentum but might take some getting used to since it tends to wobble. However, you can rest assured that it’s safe to practice and perform with since the stage retains its stability.

If you find it challenging to keep your momentum, there are a few tricks that you could try out. For instance, the pole won’t wobble as much if you hold some simple moves for a longer time then stand slowly for a couple of revolutions.


X-Pole X-Stage Lite Review

Other X-Stage Lite Features


The X-Stage Lite is about 10.5ft when assembled. X-Pole also offers the following extensions for lower ceiling heights:

  • 500mm extensions for heights ranging from 7’1″ to 7’11”
  • 750mm extension for heights ranging from 7’11” to 8’9″
  • 1000mm extension for heights ranging from 8’9″ to 9’1″

The installation process is quite quick and simple. You’ll need to secure the stage floor sections and tighten the screws after inserting the base pole. Add the extension pole afterward, tighten the screw, and you’re good to go.

Your purchase will also include instructional videos and a user-friendly manual that’s easy to understand. So you’ll have a better break down on how you’re supposed to install the dance pole. And the advantage of referring to the resources whenever you want.


The X-Stage Lite comes with strong but heavy panels. The panels are quite stable, and a lot of users like that there’s no flex when they walk on them. You just have to make sure that you lock them in place for a firm foundation. Misaligning the panels could lead to serious injuries.

You can also choose to add sandbags or extra shelving under the metal base if you need some extra weight to stabilize it. Always consider adding more stability for advanced pole tricks that create a lot of centrifugal force.


You can get the X-Stage Lite in Silicone, Chrome, Brass, Powder Coated, and Stainless steel finishes. However, you can’t randomly settle for any finish. You need to consider your location and skin type before you make your selection.

1. The Chrome Finish
Chrome finishes are easy to clean and compatible with different environments. You should consider getting the X-Stage Lite in this finish if you’re looking for something that’s easy to maintain.

However, it does have a few downsides. Chrome contains nickel, so you shouldn’t purchase it if you have nickel allergies. The coating will also wear off eventually. As a result, the pole might look a little rusty after some time if it’s not properly maintained.

2. The Stainless Steel Finish
Stainless steel poles are durable and perfect for humid weather conditions. Such poles can take a lot of abuse. That’s why this finish is excellent for polers who want to get the X-Stage Lite pole for their studios. On the other hand, stainless steel poles don’t offer much grip. So you should consider the other finishes if you need more grip.

3. The Brass Finish
Get the X-Stage Lite in brass if you’re after a rust-resistant pole with a superior grip. It’s an excellent choice for people with sweaty hands since it’s porous enough to absorb moisture without getting slippery. The brass finish will come in handy if you’re from a hot/warm environment as well. The downside is that the pole’s gold color will get tarnished over time.

4. The Silicone Finish
The Silicone X-Stage Lite pole is a good fit for polers who want to dance when they are fully clothed. This finish has a unique surface with an exceptional grip. Its downside is that it makes it challenging to make static spins and slides.

5. The Powder Coated Finish
X-pole is one of the first brands to produce a freestanding dance pole with a powder-coated finish. These poles have a smooth texture and are extremely easy to grip. You should consider ordering the X-Stage Lite in this finish if you often struggle with gripping other types of poles.


You can only get the X-Stage Lite in a 45mm pole size if you purchase the silicone finish. All the other finishes are available in 40mm and 45mm sizes.

X-Stage Lite Review

The Pros and Cons of The X-Stage Lite

Like every other product, the X-Pole X-Stage Lite has its pros and cons.


  • The dance pole has a 300 lbs. weight limit
  • It comes in a variety of finishes and sizes
  • The pole has anti-slip silicone pads for added safety
  • Designed for high stability
  • Can be easily set up indoors and outdoors
  • Features a wide circular stage


  • Although it’s lighter than the X-Stage standard pole, the X-Stage Lite is still heavier than some poles on the market
  • Some people find it pricey
X-Stage Lite Review


As you can see, the X-Stage Lite’s pros outweigh its cons. It’s a high-quality pole for professionals who want more dancing, installation, and location flexibility. X-pole also offers different modes, finishes, and sizes, so you can trust that you’ll end up with a pole that meets your needs.
X-Pole X-Stage Lite Review

Where to buy the X-Stage Lite

Make sure you buy your X-Pole X-Stage Lite from a reputable retailer as there’s a lot of fake X-Poles available on places like Ebay and Gumtree.
To ensure you get what you’re paying for I’d recommend buying your X-Stage Lite directly from X-Pole, you can purchase directly from the X-Pole website or from Amazon.

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