What to Wear to a Pole Dancing Class

What to wear to a pole dancing class
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Taking a step to start pole dancing classes is a great idea but it might be daunting if you don’t have a clue what to wear to your first class. Well, this article will guide you on what to wear and what not to wear for your pole fitness classes.

Pole dancing requires muscular endurance and coordination and for this to be well achieved, you will need to be in a comfortable and suitable outfit for pole dancing. You have to put in mind that you are not going for a fashion show. However, a fashionable outfit makes you more confident. When choosing your pole dancing wear, you should consider the type of exercise you will be doing for the day, may it be grip, stretches, floor work or even spins.

Pole dancing does rely on the contact between your skin and that of the pole. Trying to grip the pole with your legs when you are in leggings is a no, u will just slide down the pole, though there are some designed for pole dancing and they can be quite fun.

You will find many pole dancers in revealing outfits, it is not because they want to show off their bodies, no! The skin is for gripping the pole. You will need to leave your arms and legs bare at least. You will find other pole dancers, men and women too but mostly they are women and you should not shy being in your classes, the pole dancing community is very welcoming and they judge less.

Now, let’s look at what you should wear:


What to wear to a pole dancing class

Sports Bra

Any sleeveless short cropped top will do for your first pole dancing classes but with time you will be introduced to more tricks and moves that need some skin areas to show for a firm hold on the pole.

A sports bra is ideal for pole dancing, this is essential for your comfort. It will keep your breasts in place and supported and ensure nothing pops out! A sports bra leaves your shoulders open which makes gripping of the pole much easier.

Long sleeves tops can be used for pole dancing but just make sure you avoid any tops that cover your hands.

What to wear to a pole dancing class

Pole Shorts / Booty Shorts

You might feel a bit dispirited in your first class at the thought of wearing short shorts. Well don’t! The choice of shorts you choose don’t necessarily need to be too short, you can choose a pair that make you feel comfortable and that will give you a firm grip of the pole with your inner thighs. The shorts should be stretchable and tight for flexibility, baggy shorts can get in your way. Some top picks are the Firm Abs women’s active exercise fitness gym workout running yoga shorts and the Firm Abs women’s performance running yoga gym workout athletic sport shorts.


Another option for pole fitness classes is a body suit. A bodysuit would be worn instead of a top and a pair of shorts.

These look great but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for your first pole dancing class, you could always purchase a bodysuit if you think pole dancing is definitely for you.

What to wear to a pole dancing class


Leggings will be fine for arriving at your pole dance class and warming up and to put on when your class finishes but they are of no use when you are climbing on the pole. So keep them to keep you warm on your journey to and from your pole fitness class!

Knee Pads

Pole dancing, if done without knee pads, could be hard on your bare knees especially if the floor is carpeted, The friction between your knees and the carpet causes burns, however manufacturers have created knee pads like the iMucci professional ballet knee pad pole which are ideal for pole dancers.

Pole dance leg warmers

Leg Warmers

Pole dancing legwarmers have a silicone band around the thigh which prevents sliding during your workout. You can add the legwarmers to your outfit to look stylish on the pole.

Examples of these legwarmers are Eurotard women legwarmers and Body wrap women stirrup thigh legwarmers.

Pole Grips/Gloves

You might suffer sore wrists so to help you avoid that, you can get some wraps to protect your wrists. Some reasons that might make you lose that firm grip includes:

  • Dry or wet hands
  • Excessive sweating
  • a dirty / greasy / sweaty pole

So for a firm grip on the pole make sure you get yourself some pole dancing gloves.

Thigh Protectors

These will be used for protecting your thighs and allowing you to grip the pole easily. An example of good thigh protectors is the Mighty grip inner thigh protectors with tack strips.

Ankle Protectors

These will protect your ankles when gripping the pole. These are readily available to order from places online such as Amazon.

Wrist Wraps

Wrists are prone to injuries so to protect yourself from injuries you will need wraps. Wrist Wraps are designed for people with tiny wrists and those that suffer sore wrists. SneakyDeez designers have made some beautiful and unique wrist wraps.

What not to wear to your pole dancing class


Perfumes contain ingredients that can erode and damage the metal poles.


Bracelets and necklaces can get in your way when doing spins and can also damage the poles through scratching so please avoild wearing these to your class.


Moisturised skin is slippery to the poles and it makes it very difficult for a firm grip. Its a mistake a lot of newbies to pole fitness make so make sure you refrain from applying any moisturiser before your pole dancing class.

Sun cream

Just like moisturiser, suntan lotion won’t help you have that firm grip on the pole.


Wearing the correct outfit for pole dancing is very important to avoid accidents and embarrassmentin front of your fellow class mates.

We hope these do’s and don’t’s have proved useful to you before your first pole dancing class.

Please remeber the most important thing in your first pole dancing class is to have fun. Let us know in the comments below how you get on.

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