Lupit Pole Stage Review
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Lupit Pole is a trusted European-based brand known for producing affordable, sturdy, and safe dance equipment. The brand collaborates with pole athletes and dancers when developing their products. So you can trust that their equipment is going to meet your pole dancing needs.

Lupit Pole Stage Review

What’s the Lupit Pole Stage?

The Lupit Pole Stage is a portable dance pole that you can install indoors or outdoors. It has a dancing podium or stage that you can use wherever you want since you won’t be restricted in terms of location.

One of the things that people love about it is how it can withstand stability demanding elements. It spins smoothly and has awesome bearings.

What Makes It Stand Out

…. Lupit’s Quick Lock system.
This system is one of the brand’s best pole technologies. The Lupit Pole Quick Lock makes it easy for dancers to change the pole from spin to static. It’s a unique fast locking system that works in seconds.

All you’d have to do is twist the locking ring on the lower bearing. The process is simple since it doesn’t require any screws or hex keys. You’ll have the freedom to switch up your routine since the modes can be changed during a performance.

Other Lupit Pole Stage Features


You can get the Lupit Pole Stage in long and short leg variations. The short legs or standard version uses less space since it needs a 5.10ft space diameter. With this pole, a 154lbs dancer who is 5.6 inches high on the pole can perform at 0,81 revolutions per second.
On the other hand, the pole with the long legs needs a space diameter of about 8.2ft and provides advanced stability. A 154lbs dancer would spin at 1,02 revolutions per second. Your decision to buy a Lupit Pole Stage with long or short legs should depend on the level of stability you need.


The first thing you should do before making your purchase is to measure the ceiling height. Lupit Pole recommends a minimum ceiling height of about 10ft. The pole’s stage height is about 9.6ft, with a usable height of about 9.2ft. The brand also has extensions that you can use to get your preferred height.

This dance pole comes in three bags. The bags have six removable panel legs, two hex keys, six panels, six supporting legs, two poles, and the main base. Three of the panels are mate black, while the other three are glossy black in color. Even though the panels are heavy-duty, they are lightweight and easy to carry.

The top and bottom poles are equal in size and are made using HQ Lupit Joints. Each of the six legs has two adjustable disks. The outer disks have an anti-slippery surface and are also bigger in size.

To assemble the Lupit Pole Stage:

  • Place the main base in the location where you want to assemble the pole. Make sure you have enough space for the legs and the stage.
  • Insert the supporting legs into the base and tighten the screws with the large hex key. Adjust the leveling feet so that they can offer an equal amount of support to the stage legs.
  • Next, you’ll need to insert the lower pole. Secure it to the main base using two hex screws.
  • Once you’re done, insert the upper pole and secure it using the hex screws and keys.
  • Attach the panel legs to the panels. Afterward, put each panel on a supporting leg and lock them in using the sliders. Remember to lock the sliders with security pins.
  • Set it to spin or static mode at the base using the Lupit Lock system.

This process is the same for both the long and short legs version of the pole. Overall, it will take you less than five minutes to assemble it. You won’t need an extra set of hands to put it together.

Lupit Pole provides its customers with easy to read manuals and detailed instructional videos. So you’ll always have sources of information that you can refer to whenever you get stuck. The brand’s customer service is also responsive. You can reach out to the enquiries.


You can get the Lupit Pole Stage in a 45mm size. This diameter size offers great support for thigh and elbow tricks.


The dance pole is only available in black powder-coated, chrome, and steel finishes. Make your selection based on the grip you need and consider any allergies you might have.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are necessary for portable dance poles. Although they’re optional, owning one or two will make things extremely convenient for you.

Lupit Pole’s carry bags are professionally made from high-quality materials. They look good and have ergonomic designs. You can use the bags to store your pole safely whenever you’re not using it.

Carrying the pole will also be easier for you, and you’ll be able to protect it from the elements. One of the bags also has wheels for convenient transportation.

Lupit Pole Stage Review

The Pros and Cons of The Lupit Pole Stage

  • Made according to EU manufacturing standards
  • One year guarantee of warranty
  • Responsive customer service
  • Two available leg sizes
  • Lightweight panels compared to other poles
  • Easy to switch modes while performing
  • Offers a smooth spin
  • Dancers don’t get much variety in terms of grip and color since it’s only available in three finishes
  • Lupit Pole only offers one diameter size for this model
Lupit Pole Stage Review


The Lupit Pole Stage is an excellent choice for dancers who want to express their athletic and artistic mastery. It features a state of the art design and offers an excellent spin thanks to the brand’s aerospace and automotive engineering. The entire construction of the pole is stable and rigid. It is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Where to buy the Lupit Pole Stage

Just like most products, you risk getting a fake version of the pole if you buy it from random stores or unreliable platforms. We recommend that you get your Lupit Pole Stage from the Lupit Pole website or a reliable retailer like Amazon. That way, you won’t compromise your safety or get a pole that will easily develop a curve.

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