Lupit Pole Pro Review
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Designed for professional use, the Lupit Pole Pro has undergone testing under extreme conditions to make sure it’s safe and stable. Like other Lupit Pole products, its design incorporates some of the most advanced pole technology in the industry.

You can expect nothing short of quality from a dance pole that was developed with the input of pole dancing professionals and athletes.

Lupit Pole Pro Review

What Makes the Lupit Pole Pro Standout?

…Lupit’s Automatic Vertical Force Adjusting System.

Also known as AVFAS, this system has two functions. The first benefit is that it enables the pole’s quick installation. One of the main features that Lupit emphasizes when it comes to this pole is its quick and easy installation. The brand is confident enough in the system since it is tried and tested.

The second benefit you’ll get from this system is when you’re exercising on the pole. It is responsible for the uniform and automatic distribution of vertical force between the lower and upper bearing systems. Technical explanations aside, the AVFAS ensures your safety and maximum spin performance when combined with the pole’s unique Upper Disc Flex System. The Upper disc system absorbs all the bending force as well.

This model has unparalleled spin rotation because of the pole’s Quadruple ball bearing system. Lupit Pro Poles also have static and spinning functions like most high-end models. It provides a higher grip as well, thanks to the brand’s new and improved polishing. Another great thing about this dance pole is that it’s compatible with other Pro Poles.

You can also order it with Lupit’s fast locking system, the LUPIT POLE QUICK LOCK. That way, you can easily switch the pole from spin to static mode. The process takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any hex keys or screws.

Lupit Pole Pro Review

Other Lupit Pole Stage Features


You can get this dance pole in one piece and two piece variations. As the name suggests, the one piece model is one long pole from top to bottom. It has a smooth surface, and it doesn’t have any joints. The two-piece variation has one joint and two parts. Despite this, it still has a smooth surface like the one piece model.


You can get the Lupit Pole Pro in 45mm and 42mm diameters. The brand increased the tube thickness for exceptional stability.

Assembly and Installation

First, determine where you want to install the dance pole. Once you have the location, measure the floor to ceiling height before you make any purchases. Your ceiling height needs to match the length of the pole you’re ordering.

The Lupit Pole Pro is for ceiling heights of about 13.7ft. But there are extensions that you can use to get your ideal ceiling height. This model also uses the Lupit Pole Cart – an additional tension device that helps clamp it between the ceiling and the floor.

How to Install the Lupit Pole Pro

When you make your purchase, you’ll get the following parts: a lower disc bearing assembly, custom pole with AVFAS, upper disc bearing assembly, three extension rings, and a hex key.

  • Insert the lower disc assembly into the flange. Add one extension ring so that you can shorten the pole by 10mm in case of pre-measurement errors.
  • Use a hex key to secure the lower disc assembly to the pole. Make sure you align the lower disc bearing with the lower screw before you tighten it. If you plan on extending the pole by 2cm, you can add two more rings to the lower disc.
  • To install the upper disc, you’ll need additional tools and equipment. Ensure you have a ladder, a pen to mark the holes on the ceiling, a drilling machine with an 8mm drill and screwdriver, and an electrical socket.
  • For safety, the lower part of the pole has a rubber surface for added grip when installing the pole.
  • Climb the ladder and place the upper disk on the ceiling. Then use the pen to mark the position of the holes. Afterward, use the drill and secure the upper disk on the ceiling.
  • Once you tighten the upper disk bearing securely, place the upper axle of the pole into it. Then move it to a vertical position using the Lupit Pole Cart. To confirm if the pole is vertical, use a water leveler.
  • Check if the pole is stable by shaking it vigorously. Once you’re done, you can mark the position of the lower bearing for future reference.
  • You can also check the spin of the pole by switching its function. Remember to use the hex to switch modes.

Uninstalling the Dance Pole

  • When removing the pole, use the Lupit Pole Cart to move it.
  • Rotate and drag out the pole. You’ll need to hold the pole as you loosen it to keep it from falling.
  • Remove the pole and store it away.

Lupit Pole has excellent videos, which showcase these steps as well. Make sure you follow the instructions on the Lupit Pro installation book for more details and contact the brand’s customer service in case you have any enquiries. I’ve added a video below showing you the installation process.

Lupit Pole Pro Review

The Pros and Cons of The Lupit Pole Pro


  • Static and Spin mode
  • Smooth pole design
  • Two diameter options
  • The floor doesn’t require any drilling
  • Automatic Vertical Force Adjusting System
  • Upper Disc Flex System
  • Unparalleled spin rotation


  • Users need to use the Lupit Pole Cart for quick installation or removal of the pole
  • Only available in a stainless steel finish


You can’t go wrong with Lupit Poles since they are designed with pole dancers in mind. Every bit of the pole’s design from the finish to the incorporated pole technologies is going to have a positive contribution to your pole dancing career.

Lupit Pole Pro Review

Where to buy the Lupit Pole Pro

We strongly recommend that you buy this dance pole from a verified seller like Amazon or the Lupit Pole website. Knock offs, and low-quality poles are not safe since most of them haven’t been tested. Their stability is also questionable, and they’re not designed for longevity.

Get a quality Lupit Pole Pro and have some peace of mind whenever you practice or perform.

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